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Odgers Berndtson has experience of running a similar initiative globally. Find out more about what participating students gained from their experience shadowing a CEOx1Day. This could be you as a ScotlandLeaderx1Day participant!

Malgorzata Szalega

Shadowed: Nick Beighton, CEO, ASOS

Given a chance to spend a day with CEO of ASOS – Nick Beighton was an extraordinary experience! I was lucky enough to participate in the annual review of the company’s performance and I believe this has provided me with enormous knowledge of ASOS as a brand and a company. The warmth and friendliness of the CEO himself and all of the employees made me feel as if I was already a part of ASOS family! At the end of the day, I got to celebrate huge success with the London-based ASOS team! After only a few hours of discovering the ASOS culture, I feel a very strong connection to the company and the people out there! And if anyone is still wondering whether it was worthwhile experience or not – Absolutely YES is the only answer! Thank you again for such an opportunity!
Felix Ochefu

Shadowed: Michael Izza, Chief Executive, ICAEW

It was truly an immersive experience at the ICAEW from the minute I walked into the hallowed lobby of the Chartered Accountants’ Hall, to the minute I bid the CEO Michael Izza goodbye. I was able to partake in meetings with leading industry figures, leaders within the ICAEW and was lucky enough to be present during the Budget Day 2017 reveal. Michael gave me a completely holistic view of what it’s like leading such a large organisation, how he works effectively with government and the private sector, as well as delving into his own personal experiences, background and providing key industry insight. The experience has made me realise I have a lot to learn when it comes to being a leader but has also assured me that I’m on the right track and for that, I’m grateful.
Yasmin Ali

Shadowed: Justine Roberts CBE, Founder and CEO, Mumsnet

Shadowing Justine Roberts at Mumsnet was a fantastic experience. The day started off with a tour of the office and meeting all of the different teams to learn about their roles in the business. I spent time with the affiliates team, social media and the content and engagement team. The staff at Mumsnet were so friendly and the working environment was thoroughly enjoyable. I also sat in on Justine’s interview with Sky News and took some photos which Sky News used on their social media platforms. I learnt that celebrities, bloggers and even politicians partner with Mumsnet to promote their work, which shows the reach and influence that Mumsnet has. Justine is incredibly inspiring and her work ethic is second to none. Hearing her story of how she grew her business inspired me to continue to work hard and strive for what I want.
Sophie Peacock

Shadowed: Andrew Formica, Co-Chief Executive, Janus Henderson

Spending the day with Andrew Formica at Janus Henderson provided me with a unique opportunity to see how a business is run at the highest level. Janus Henderson have recently gone through a merger which has had a huge impact on the day-today running of the business, so it was really interesting to see how the Co-CEOs were working together to unite the two companies (Janus and Henderson) and provide a clear direction to both their employees and clients. It struck me how well the two Co-CEOs worked together to spread this message clearly and effectively in a period of so much change. Taking part in CEOx1 was an amazing experience, and allowed me begin understanding how strategic decisions are made and carried out at the highest levels of a company.
Nicholas Alford

Shadowed: Professor Edward Peck, Vice-Chancellor, Nottingham Trent University

Having the opportunity to shadow Edward Peck and see what happens behind the scenes at a university was a fascinating opportunity. The day was jam-packed with different activities, all representing different aspects of being a Vice-Chancellor; ranging from presentations, meetings, networking events and conference calls. I was surprised at the level of involvement that Edward has, however this was overshadowed by the clear passion that he showed. I am very grateful for the opportunity, and the honesty and advice that Edward gave me throughout the day.

Richard Armstrong

Shadowed: John Manzoni, Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office

It was such privileged opportunity to see how one of the top leaders in the country handles a day at the office. Every single minute of John’s fast-paced day was accounted for, yet my learning experience was taken seriously. Time was set aside for John to speak with me personally at the beginning and end of the day, which allowed me to get to know the man behind the title, to put questions to him directly and place the day in context. In between, I sat in a range of types and sizes of meetings, crossing both John’s roles in the Civil Service and the Cabinet Office.  I’m terribly thankful to Odgers Berndtson and to the Cabinet Office for this invaluable experience, one that I’ll carry with me as inspiration for a very long time.

Odgers Berndtson CEOx1Day

CEOx1Day is designed to uncover some of the UK’s most promising future leaders and give them an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a senior executive.

Undergraduates apply to spend a day with a top Chief Executive to learn about the responsibility and complexities required to lead some of Britain’s leading business and organisations.

At the same time, CEOs can better understand what drives the next generation of leaders.

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