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This is a fantastic opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and awareness. And to have fun in the process! Participation in this programme will give you access to opportunities you may not otherwise have at this stage in your life and early career deliberations.

The learnings and the benefits will begin with your application and, if you are successful, will transcend through to your discussion with Odgers Berndtson, preparations for the day of shadowing and – ultimately – with the opportunity to shadow an experienced and inspiring leader in one of Scotland’s leading companies. On this day, you will gain unique insights into the leader, their role, the company, and its role in our economy and society. You will have the opportunity to experience organisational culture and to get a feel for the breadth of role types that exist within that company. You will meet with committed individuals who operate in different parts of the organisation, harnessing skills they have gained through different lived and work experiences. Your day may involve a combination of in person and online sessions with colleagues in other locations – this will give you direct experience of hybrid working in action.

All the leaders participating in this programme are passionate about the value you can and will gain. In short, there’s lots in it for you!

All travel expenses will be reimbursed, subject to pre-approval by Odgers.

It is important to us that you gain maximum benefit from this programme, throughout the entire process and on the day of shadowing, but also enduring beyond as you navigate how you can develop your skills, build your confidence, and gain knowledge about the world of work.

In partnership with SFE and their Young Professionals network, we will be delighted to give the participating student alumni group access to the following:

  • Mentoring with a young leader in the financial and related professional services industry
  • Skills and knowledge sharing sessions e.g. how to build a compelling LinkedIn page
  • Invitation to SFE hosted webinars on a variety of industry topics and to sessions led by some of the industry’s leading practitioners and policy makers

The financial services industry is a source of strength in the UK economy. Financial and related professional services employ 2.3 million people in the UK, and around 145,000 in Scotland alone. The industry is one that continues to grow, evolve and support its workforce, creating new jobs across Scotland.

The industry also continues to work hard to innovate, be that through pushing boundaries via investment and technology partnerships, or through playing an integral role in the sustainability agenda. It is also an industry enthusiastic about developing skills – whether that’s reskilling colleagues in new and evolving areas or hiring talented and diverse people from different backgrounds who each bring a new contribution to the industry. The industry is always moving and striving.

Crucially, the financial services industry plays an integral role in the lives of everyday UK consumers and small businesses. It is through financial institutions and their partners that we save and protect our money, insure against unpredictable risk and losses, and make the every day payments we need to. Its role in supporting consumer and businesses through the recent Covid-19 pandemic is one example of its importance in our lives.

You do not need to be committed to entering the financial services industry when you graduate; this is an opportunity to learn and to understand more about this evolving industry.

Yes, of course. You will be asked to disclose your college/university when you apply so we can track data. The institution will not be a factor in deciding your application.

Absolutely! We welcome applications from students studying any disciplines. Your passion, curiosity and appetite for learning are the important factors here, not what course you have opted to study. The financial and related professional services industry benefits hugely from having people from different backgrounds who have developed skills through studying a whole variety of subjects – whether that’s geoscience, marketing, psychology, art history, languages, computing, international relations, the list goes on…!

Please refer to our How to apply guidelines for more detail.

Odgers Berndtson in partnership with Scottish Financial Enterprise

Hear directly from the joint Odgers Berndtson and Scottish Financial Enterprise team about this exciting initiative – from its purpose, to why you should apply, and what you can expect. Together, we are passionate about what you can gain from this rare experience.

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